My Books

A Colpi di Cannonau

Genre: Italian Historical Fantasy
Wordcount: 85.000
Description: A crew of battered women sails on a crumbling caravel, fleeing from their furious husbands and the Spanish Inquisition.
PublisherAcheron Books


Genre: YA Sci-Fantasy
Project: Standalone
Wordcount: 95.000
Description: Cities built on giant crabs wrestle with claws and magical chela-rifles.
Publisher: Dark Zone Edizioni


Genre: Adult Sci-Fi
Project: Standalone
Wordcount: 120.000
Description: Pregnant nuclear mechanic Skye Salinas fights a xeroton addiction, a drug that kills serotonin release. When terrorists kidnap her to exploit her endocrine modulation powers for a heist, she must unlock her happiness hormone to survive.


Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Project: Standalone
Wordcount: 110.000
Description: Twins with a single shared mind investigate a lethal virus threatening their city.

Gas Geyser

Genre: Fantasy
Project: 5 books series
Wordcount: 80.000
Description: Gas Geyser, terminally ill, has never received the invitation to the illustrious Krakatoa Volcacademy, when a letter from his arch-enemy Strato Felsic changes his life.

The Closest Thing to Magic

Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Project: Standalone with series potential
Description: Blue is a disaster at coding, but at Chandragar Bootcamp she will have to step out of her little brother’s shadow and learn the hard way, in order to win an impossible bet.

Epic Tides (Working Title)

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Project: Trilogy

Ars Noctis

Genre: High Fantasy
Project: Trilogy
Description: Killaris Damisradas has always dreamt of becoming a Mage, but at the young age of twelve, she discovers the rotten, corrupted reality of the world she wants to belong to, and is ready to fight it.


Somebody might wonder where they ended up.
I’ll only say I trashed two novels, and this is enough pain, thanks a lot.
Trul, Slerk, Glorg, and Durghatkhul are always in my heart, but I don’t feel ready to write a classic “orc-elf-dwarf” fantasy novel.
Khulthagar will be back, though: this is a threat.