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2022 Award Winner of the ‘Trofeo Cassiopea’ for Best Italian Sci-Fi Novel.

clash of giant crabs could only mean the downfall of the cities built on their carapaces.
Niniin dreams of controlling and protecting the Red Crab from the safety of its Cerebrum, but Sandros—the youngest and most brilliant of all the Cerebrals—is giving her a hard time.

So, when the other Cerebrals start to mysteriously disappear, Niniin realizes that mastering neurons and synapsis is a more dangerous task than she imagined…

Complete Trilogy


Sardinia, 1630.

Rebellious Fiammetta chases the crazy dream of becoming a pirate. With a crew of abused wives, Fiammetta restores a rundown caravel while enduring her husband’s beatings. Her best shot at escaping is a girl capable of sensing doubloons forged with the El Dorado gold. But sailing in search of a buried treasure with hardly any nautical knowledge is the last of their problems, when the Spanish Holy Inquisition comes into play…


2021 third prize winner of the ‘Trofeo Cittadella’ for Best Italian Fantasy Novel.

A Colpi di Cannonau
Gas Geyser
Epic Tides